What We Do

Serious fraud & business crime

We know that when your reputation, livelihood or liberty are on the line, you need a lawyer you trust to guide you through a process that can be bewildering and just plain frightening. Our specialist fraud defence team have immense experience of the criminal justice system in all its forms and at every level, and our team includes solicitors and solicitor advocates who can represent you every step of the way.  We have substantial experience in the defence of all types of fraud allegations including carousel fraud, MTIC fraud, VAT fraud and all other serious fraud.  We are recognised experts in the area and Rob Rode based in our Leeds office is a key contact.

Our fraud lawyers are experts in the defence of clients in prosecutions brought by all the prosecution authorities, including the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Services Authority, the Environment Agency, BIS (formerly the DTI) and the Crown Prosecution Service, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that if a prosecution can be avoided it is avoided, and if it cannot, it is defended to the fullest rigour of the law. The firm is a member of the Legal Services Commission Serious Fraud Panel. Public funding (legal aid) will be available where applicable for representation.