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Who are we

ABR Solicitors provides legal advice, assistance and representation to those detained under the Mental Health Act but also to their families.

At ABR Solicitors we recognise the vulnerable nature of our clients and their situations.  We provide tailored advice to  the needs of our clients and are prepared to go that extra mile to help them.

Those detained under the Mental Health Act and facing criminal proceedings benefit from the comprehensive advice we are able to give.

We act predominantly under our Legal Aid Agency contract which means that the legal advice, assistance and representation you receive is likely to be free given the nature of detention.

ABR Solicitors provides recognised legal training to a number of mental health hospitals around England and helps to train professionals who have a medical or social work background including doctors, nurses, social Workers, psychologists, occupational therapists and support staff.
That training also extends to hospital managers.

We are able to cater to the needs of hospitals in their aim to provide a greater understanding of legislation and case law relating to mental health.

Our People

Our team is headed up by James McAulay who is a Partner and solicitor.  James has represented people detained under the Mental Health Act for over 10 years and is accredited under the Mental Health Accreditation Scheme.  He is one of the few solicitors in the country who has represented patients under the Mental Health Act at Broadmoor, Ashworth and Rampton Hospitals.

James is assisted by Paige Newell.  Paige is a former Mental Health Act administrator.  Paige is also accredited under the Mental Health Accreditation scheme.

What do we do

We provide comprehensive legal advice, assistance and representation on a wide range of issues relating to someone’s detention under the Mental Health Act or the Mental Capacity Act.

Are you detained under the Mental Health Act and want to be discharged or to have leave, transfer to another hospital or go onto a Supervised Community Treatment Order?

We can help you to apply for a Mental Health Tribunal completely free.  This is an independent body who are able to discharge you from your detention under the Mental Health Act.  They can also make statutory recommendations about leave, transfer to another hospital or that your Doctor should consider a Supervised Community Treatment Order.  The advice, assistance and representation would be completely free throughout under our Legal Aid Agency contract.

Do you have a Mental Health Tribunal, Hospital Managers Meeting or a CPA meetings/Section 117 meeting ?

Again, we can help.  We can attend and help you to get across your views and wishes.  We act for you and you alone and will ensure that you are listened to.

Do you have some other problem or issue arising from your detention in hospital?

We are here to help you.  In what may be a difficult and emotional time for you.  We will listen to your problems and help you to find a solution.

Are you the Nearest Relative of someone detained under the Mental Health Act?

We can offer you advice and assistance about your role and also help you to apply for a Mental Health tribunal should you so wish.  We can also act for you in the event of any county court proceedings relating to Displacement of Nearest relative.

Are you in the community and subject to a Supervised Community Treatment Order or finding you are having problems with your Community Team?

Get in touch we can offer you help and guidance as to what your legal rights are and as to what steps are available to you.

Are you the subject of or a party involved in Court of Protection proceedings or concerned about Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards?

We will guide you through, what is, the very complex proceedings that you are experiencing.

Which areas do we cover?

We cover a vast area given that we have offices in Leeds and Liverpool and are able to meet the needs of our clients.  We predominantly represent people detained across West and South Yorkshire, Humberside, Teesside, Northumbria, Nottingham, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Manchester and surrounding area, and Merseyside.  Often those detained under the Mental Health Act may be at hospitals quite far removed and some don’t know where they are at.  Don’t worry contact us and we will be able to help.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact us in the following ways

by phone  03336009222
in writing  James McAulay, ABR Solicitors, 4 Oxford Place, Leeds LS1 3AX
By email

Remember we are here to help!


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"Anna Moran is the best representative I've ever seen in my life, she represented me as if she was there the day everything happened"

Client anonymous for confidentiality

"Tracey Hepworth represented me at Bradford Police Station...I cannot rate the service I received highly enough"

Client anomymous for confidentiality

“I would not hesitate to use ABR Solicitors again and cannot thank them enough for their service. ABR did a fantastic job.”

Client anomymous for confidentiality


@abrsolicitors continue to receive outstanding client feedback. Recent client Ian states “clarity and comfort at a difficult time”, recognising ABR’s professionalism, great communication and easy to understand process.

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We are all now working remotely but continue to be available to represent our clients at courts, police stations, tribunals and prisons.

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