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Private Prosecution

It is a common place reality in today’s criminal justice system that the police, Crown Prosecution Service, Local Authority or other enforcement agency are now refusing to prosecute cases that would result in successful prosecutions.  This refusal to prosecute can leave you feeling like the justice system does not work for you the victim.

Here at ABR solicitors we offer a specialist service to individuals or companies seeking to bring a private prosecution.  We have a team of solicitors with years of experience prosecuting on behalf of various government agencies including the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (formerly VOSA) and the Environment Agency.

We are now offering this experience and expertise to anyone wishing to bring a private prosecution.  Whether you are an individual wishing to prosecute someone for an assault or a fraud against you or someone you know or a business looking to protect its interests and prosecute a former employee who has stolen from you or a fraudster who has taken some of your businesses money contact us and we will give you an honest assessment of your case.  Utilising both our own and external experts experience you can be assured that your case is being handled by expert solicitors with real experience in bringing successful private prosecutions.


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"Anna Moran is the best representative I've ever seen in my life, she represented me as if she was there the day everything happened"

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"Tracey Hepworth represented me at Bradford Police Station...I cannot rate the service I received highly enough"

Client anomymous for confidentiality

“I would not hesitate to use ABR Solicitors again and cannot thank them enough for their service. ABR did a fantastic job.”

Client anomymous for confidentiality


@abrsolicitors continue to receive outstanding client feedback. Recent client Ian states “clarity and comfort at a difficult time”, recognising ABR’s professionalism, great communication and easy to understand process.

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We are all now working remotely but continue to be available to represent our clients at courts, police stations, tribunals and prisons.

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