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With years of experience as award winning criminal defence solicitors ABR solicitors are ideally placed to act as defence solicitors for any member of the armed service in every branch of the military.  We are able to defend represent military personal and relevant associates governed by Military Law in the UK or abroad in all military legal proceedings including Court Martial Proceedings, Summary Proceedings and Military Interviews. 

If you are being investigated; whether by the police or the military police and are to be interviewed under caution in those proceedings you are entitled to free and independent legal advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week either in person or on the telephone.  This right exists whether your interview is on base, on tour or conduced at a civilian police station following arrest or as a volunteer.  Simply ask that ABR act on your behalf at the interview and the police or military police will make contact with us for you.  Alternatively, call our team of police station solicitors on 0333 600 9222 and we will attend to act on your behalf anywhere in the world.

Our expert advocates are available to act on your behalf at both Summary Proceedings or as your defence solicitor at Court Martial.  With years of advocacy experience in both the Magistrates’ and Crown you can ensure that your case is dealt with by an expert in exposing the weaknesses in the prosecution case.  Entirely independent of the armed forces our Court Martial defence solicitors only have your best interests in mind.

Summary Proceedings deal with more minor offences and are usually dealt with by your Commanding Officer and do not attract legal aid. However, you are still entitled to be advised in relation to these proceedings by a qualified solicitor. The decisions made at this point are critical and can be pivotal to the outcome of your case. You should remember that you are entitled to elect to have your case heard by Court Martial should you wish. 

Should the matter proceed to Court Martial Proceedings you should always seek legal representation to defend or mitigate your position. Legal aid is available for these proceedings through the Armed Forces Legal Aid Authority.  When asked all you need to do is inform the Army staff that you wish to be represented by ABR solicitors.

A Court Martial is usually heard before a Judge Advocate assisted by between 3 and 7 warrant officers and commissioned officers. The hearing is similar to that of a civilian court; evidence is produced via witness statements and the witnesses are open to cross examination by the defence advocates. 

With extensive advocacy experience ABR are able to vigorously defend your position for all offences, ranging from allegations of desertion /AWOL, violent offences or serious sexual offending. 

Queries in this area should be directed to Mark Whitfield or Rob Rode.

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"Anna Moran is the best representative I've ever seen in my life, she represented me as if she was there the day everything happened"

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"Tracey Hepworth represented me at Bradford Police Station...I cannot rate the service I received highly enough"

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“I would not hesitate to use ABR Solicitors again and cannot thank them enough for their service. Keith Allen did a fantastic job.”

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"An outstanding result was achieved by Anna Moran, she fully understood my situation and fought hard for a result in my favour."

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