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Patricia joined ABR Solicitors in 2017 after working for many years at several respected criminal defence firms before joining our specialist team of criminal defence solicitors in York.  She holds her Higher Rights of Audience, enabling her to defend clients during all stages of the criminal justice process: at police station interviews, through the Magistrates’ Court and onto the Crown Court.  She is well respected by colleagues and clients alike for her determination and hard work on all of her cases and for her skills as a defence advocate in the courtroom.

Patricia has represented client at the police station and through the court system for a full variety of offences from Criminal Damage to Joint Enterprise Murder.

Patricia is a qualified Police Station Representative, a Duty Solicitor and holds a Master’s Degree in Law.

Recent cases:

R v AH (& another)

Acting as defence solicitor for two male defendants charged with assaulting a female police officer.  Patricia immediately started a series of court applications seeking further information, taking full instructions from a number of defence witnesses and preparing a two day trial in the Magistrates’ Court.  Both defendants were acquitted after trial after she was able to show that the police officer has used her CF spray indiscriminately against both the defendants.

R v HE (& another)

Acting as defence solicitor for two female defendants charged with assault on two male victims.  Patricia was able to secure concessions from the prosecution witnesses to the extent that both defendants were acquitted after a two day trial.

Doncaster Council v RC

Acting as duty solicitor and defence solicitor for a defendant charged with fly-tipping.  The evidence in the case was challenged by Patricia who advised the defendant to choose trial by jury.  The case was discontinued by the Local Authority after the first hearing at the Crown Court.

R v DC

Acting as duty solicitor and defence solicitor for a client at the police station, under arrest on suspicion of Joint Enterprise Murder.  The defendant was interviewed over a four day period, and several appearances before the Magistrates Court prior to charge.  The Defendant appreciated that Patricia was able to represent her throughout her case and ensuring she received the appropriate level of care as she was withdrawing from heroin.

R v AS

Acting as defence solicitor for a defendant charged with Rape.  Patricia was able to persuade the prosecution that the evidence was insufficient to secure a conviction and the CPS discontinued the case at the Crown Court.

R v  KT

Patricia acted for a defendant arrested on suspicion of the murder of his girlfriend.  She was able to reassure the client that based on his instructions the case would proceed no further.  The client was ultimately released without charge after it emerged that the case of death was due to an unusual blood disorder.

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“I would not hesitate to use ABR Solicitors again and cannot thank them enough for their service. Keith Allen did a fantastic job.”

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"We not only found Susannah good at her job but human too."

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"Paige was very good, hard working, polite and ease to get on with."

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"No words can express how grateful we all are as a family, Rob is totally dedicated to his job and all his client’s cases."

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"Professional and friendly service."

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"Thank you for your fast, efficient communications and professional advice throughout my case."

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"Patricia made me feel at ease at a point when I was scared. I am very happy with the high level of professionalism."

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"An outstanding result was achieved by Anna Moran, she fully understood my situation and fought hard for a result in my favour."

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"ABR have always been very good on all my cases and thank you once more."

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"Once again you have been there for me when I needed you the most and I know if I need you, you’ll be there for me in the future."

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