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HMRC Begins Contacting Fraud Suspects Released under Investigation/Reported on Summons

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HMRC interviewed numerous individuals under caution in respect of various fraud related cases, such as VAT evasion, tax evasion, red diesel fraud and conspiracy to defraud pre-pandemic and those individuals have been waiting for decisions having either been reported on summons or released under investigation.

Due to the nature of the offences alleged there are no time limits as to how long someone can be released under investigation. This means that many people have left waiting for their case to be resolved, not knowing whether they are likely to be called back in for questioning or will receive a summons to go to Court.

However, recent evidence suggests that HMRC are now beginning to reach decisions for anyone who has been released under investigation or reported on summons for a fraud-related crime. Many people are now receiving summons.

At ABR Solicitors, we have substantial expertise in supporting and defending individuals accused of fraud. If you have been contacted by HMRC, we provide robust representation and legal guidance immediately.

If you need urgent expert advice and representation in relation to a fraud case, please contact your local ABR Solicitors office in LeedsLiverpoolLondon or Nottingham.

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