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Sexual Offence Solicitors

If you have been accused of a sexual offence, it is normal to feel scared, upset and confused. You likely have a lot of questions, including how this has happened, what will happen next and what you need to do to defend yourself against this accusation.

It is essential to get expert legal advice straightaway. You can then have your questions answered, ensure you do not make any mistakes in the way you deal with police and other investigators, and begin building an effective defence.

ABR Solicitors are one of the country’s leading firms in representing those accused of sexual offences. Our expertise includes offences related to:

We provide a tailored service to the needs of those accused of these offences. We are there to advise, assist and represent our clients ensuring that they feel comfortable and properly supported.

Our sexual offences defence solicitors can advise and represent you at every stage of proceedings, including if you are:

  • Required to attend a voluntary interview with the police
  • Interviewed under caution following at arrest
  • Released on bail or under investigation
  • Summonsed or charged to appear in court
  • Looking for general advice where you believe you may be at risk of arrest

With local offices in Leeds, Liverpool, London, Nottingham and Birmingham we can represent clients all over England and Wales.

We work on a Legal Aid basis for eligible clients, as well as taking on privately funded cases.

Our criminal defence lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be at your side whenever you need us.

For immediate expert sexual offence defence representation, call:

  • 03330098185 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)
  • 07850899999 (Out of hours)

Or you can contact our specialist in this area, James McAulay, for more general advice about dealing with these types of offences.

Why you need ABR Solicitors by your side when accused of a sexual offence

With decades of experience guiding people accused of sexual offences, our team can provide effective advice and representation for even the most complicated and challenging cases.

Our sexual offences defence solicitors offer a bespoke service that fits our clients’ individual needs. We have particular experience at dealing with those from a professional background who may well be exposed to media coverage because of their current or past employment.

Independent recognition for our expertise includes:

  • Ranked Tier 1 for General Crime and Tier 2 for Fraud in Yorkshire and the North East by the Legal 500
  • Ranked Band 1 for Crime and Band 2 for Financial Crime by Chambers & Partners
  • Criminal Defence firm of the year (Finance Monthly 2020)
  • Leading Specialist Criminal Defence Firm of year – UK (Global 100 2020)
  • James McAulay named Partner of the Year at the Yorkshire Lawyer Awards 2020

We are recommended by 98% of our clients (according to our client feedback forms).

ABR Solicitors offer a mental health friendly service. We recognise the impact mental health has on our clients when facing criminal proceedings or an investigation. Often that can be the contributory factor to an offence taking place. We are here to support you.

How our sexual offences defence lawyers can help you

Voluntary interview

The police utilise their ability to ask an individual to attend a police station as a volunteer for interview. That can lull someone into a false sense of security. An offence is still being investigated by the police. The repercussions of not having legal representation at the police station can prove to be dangerous.

We would recommend that you would always seek advice from a solicitor before attending the police station. As one of the largest criminal practices in the north of England we are able to attend and look after you in respect of your voluntary interview at any police station. Our sexual offences defence lawyers are also able to attend interviews further afield and in particular in the south through our London office.

We offer appointments to meet with us prior to the interview either through video platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams or face to face at the many meeting facilities we have available to us.

Arrested, bailed or released under investigation (RUI)

A number of individuals will be arrested and brought into custody. At the point they attend at the police station they are asked if they have a solicitor or if they would like a solicitor appointed to them under the Duty Solicitor Scheme.

You are free at that point to choose you own solicitor and can do so at any point.

ABR Solicitors provide a 24-hour emergency telephone line to provide immediate assistance if under arrest or at the police station.

Often an individual will be then bailed to return to the police station or released under investigation whilst further enquires take place.

At ABR Solicitors we understand the difficulty this poses to the person accused of an offence. We offer bespoke packages tailored to the individual needs of our client.

In particular we recognise that our clients may need further enquires or help relating to:

  1. Electronic equipment
  2. Social media
  3. Physical or Mental Health
  4. Professional implications of their employment
  5. Family and friends

Summonsed (Postal Requisition) or charged to appear at court

Some individuals get to the stage that they are due to appear at Court and have not secured legal representation. This may be because of shame or embarrassment or simply not knowing the procedure or where to go. We understand that predicament and can still provide our clients that crucial advice, assistance and representation.

Our clients are our priority. Our sexual offences defence solicitors regularly attend criminal courts all over the country. We have an outstanding reputation with our clients, peers and court staff.

Whether it be legally aided or privately paid we ensure that we provide support and an excellent level of advocacy to our clients.

Possession, distribution or production of indecent images

The offences require, on occasion, some additional work. That additional work may make a considerable difference when it comes to sentencing. We understand what the criminal courts are looking for. That skill set is widely sought by all to ensure that the mitigation presented at court is the very best it can be.

Grooming and sexual communication with children

The development of technology has meant that offences relating to grooming are becoming more and more prevalent. The methods by which communication takes place have advanced to such an extent that it now becomes imperative that those accused have proper legal representation.

ABR Solicitors have significant experience in understanding when contact should be considered to be grooming and when it should not. ABR Solicitors have access to specialist forensic experts who are able to provide detailed reports relating to technological issues that may be relevant to an individual’s defence.

Historic sexual offences and rape

ABR Solicitors regularly deal with historic sexual offences and offences of rape. Allegations can date back many decades. A complainant will often lead to an individual’s life being turned upside down. That individual’s relationships, family and employment are impacted significantly by that complaint.

Our sexual offences defence lawyers recognise the sensitive nature of such an allegation. Often, we are the only ones who our clients can turn to. We defend our clients position vehemently and without judgment.

Funding your sexual offences defence

When arrested, you are entitled to free legal advice. This can be provided by the available duty solicitor or a lawyer of your choosing.

When released under investigation, you will need to fund your legal advice privately, unless and until you are formally charged with an offence.

If you are charged and prosecuted, some or all of the cost of your defence may be covered by a Representation Order (Legal Aid) depending on the circumstances.

Find out more about funding your criminal defence.

Get immediate expert representation from our sexual offences defence solicitors

If you or a loved one have been accused of a sexual offence and need expert legal representation, please contact your local ABR Solicitors office in Leeds, Liverpool, London or Nottingham or Birmingham.

For immediate expert sexual offence defence representation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, call:

  • 03330098185 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)
  • 07850 899999 (Out of hours)

Or you can contact our specialist in this area, James McAulay, for more general advice about dealing with these types of offences.