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As one of the leading firms of criminal defence solicitors in the country we are able to defend you throughout the country and we can be contacted to defend you at the police station every day of the year.

We act on behalf of individuals who fund their case either by legal aid, privately or via insurance policies.

Legal Aid

Defence solicitors are funded via legal aid to attend at any interview under caution conducted by the police whether you are under arrest or have been invited to attend voluntarily. To arrange our attendance on your behalf either contact us or tell the police to contact us on your behalf.

We hold a contract with the legal aid agency to deliver publicly funded criminal defence. As leading legal aid lawyers we are always willing to accept instructions to act on your behalf. There are a series of rules that govern your eligibility for legal aid and a number of financial restrictions, however, in general terms legal aid can help you by paying for our expert defence solicitor services at the Police Station, Magistrates' Court and Crown Court.  Contact us to discuss whether you are eligible.

Private payment

Increasingly we are approached by individuals who want  the comfort of knowing that they are being represented by one of the best criminal defence solicitors and wish to pay us themselves for a variety of reasons. For a no obligation quotation please contact us to discuss our competitive hourly rates or fixed fee arrangements.

Insurance Funding

A number of insurance policies now contain legal expenses insurance. We can help you check whether your insurance policy will cover, in whole or part, the costs of your criminal defence. To discuss this please contact us at any time.