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Motoring Offence Solicitors

We know how important your driving licence is to your family, your work and you. We realise how distressing it is to find yourself at risk of losing your driving licence and how important to you that you do whatever you can to "keep my driving licence".

Our experienced motoring defence solicitors are able to advise you on potential defences to any motoring offences but also importantly about the best tactics to maximise your chance of keeping your licence.

As expert motoring defence solicitors we can advise you on offences such as drink driving (opl), drug driving, causing death by dangerous driving, dangerous driving, speeding, totting, up disqualifications, careless driving, driving without insurance and speeding amongst all other motoring offences.

Our expertise as solicitors advancing exceptional hardship arguments and special reasons has helped ensure numerous clients have retained their driving licence when often they would have faced a lengthy driving disqualification.

We act throughout the Country on behalf of our clients; contact us for a free initial consultation 0333 600922.

Case Study

R v S – Leeds Crown Court

Andrew Stewardson was instructed to act as defence solicitor on behalf of a bus driver charged with causing death by careless driving. The death occurred whilst the defendant was driving near to the city centre bus station. We began acting as defence solicitor after the defendant had been charged.

Following a thorough review of the case by Andrew Stewardson, including consideration of CCTV, traffic collision report and witness statements it was decided that despite the decision to prosecute there were grounds to argue that the defendant did not have a case to answer.

A legal submission of no case to answer was sent to the Crown Prosecution Service on behalf of the defendant. Following a review of that argument the Crown Prosecution Service withdrew the prosecution.

R v LS – York Crown Court

Rob Rode was instructed to act on behalf of the defendant whilst they were under investigation by North Yorkshire Police for causing death by dangerous driving. Eventually, charged with causing death by careless driving the case involved a collision with a motorcyclist whilst the defendant was performing a manoeuvre on a busy road.

Rob prepared the case as the defence solicitor for the trial at York Crown Court. The defendant was acquitted after trial of the charges.

R v A – Leeds Magistrates’ Court

ABR was asked to act as defence solicitor on behalf of a client wishing to defend himself against allegations of drink driving (OPL). The client was arrested from his vehicle and provided a sample to the police indicating that he was over the prescribed limit.

Following a review of the evidence it was established that there had been a number of procedural improprieties by the Police. We acted in the Magistrates’ Court trial and were able to successfully argue that the evidence obtained by the Police should be excluded from the trial and the case for the Crown collapsed.