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Mental Health – The Gender Divide

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A recent YouGov survey (on behalf of the Mental Health Foundation), the largest of its kind, recently surveyed 2,500 people with mental health difficulties.  The results showed that 28 per cent of men had not sought medical help, this is compared to 19 per cent of women.

The “keep calm and carry on” mentality in men still exists when it comes to discussing these issues.  The stigma attached to mental health needs to be broken.  At ABR Solicitors we are committed to reducing that stigma and employ a flexible approach to those detained under the Mental Health Act and needing legal advice.

One client commented; “ ABR Solicitors are warm, friendly and helpful”.

James McAulay, Partner at ABR Solicitors said “The recent survey shows how important it is for those in positions of responsibility either medically, legally or socially to work towards reducing the stigma attached to mental health. In each of the respected roles we should aim to ensure that those with mental health difficulties are able to approach us and seek help.”

ABR Solicitors continues its commitment to provide exceptional standards in mental health legal services.

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