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Matt joined the firm in January 2013.

Matt has established a formidable reputation as a criminal lawyer in the East and West Midlands with a huge loyal following throughout the Country.  He has for many years provided the people of Nottingham criminal defence of the highest calibre.

Matt specialises in the tenacious defence of the following:

Serious Crime. Of all types including Murder, Manslaughter, Corporate Manslaughter, Drug importation, Drug supply, SOCA investigations, Conspiracy, Sex offences, Rape, Robbery, Firearms and Terrorist offences.

 Commercial Fraud. Expert representation, advice and defence of cases prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office, Serious Fraud Crime Units, BIS, HMRC and Financial Conduct Authority.

Vat and Revenue Fraud. Advice and defence in VAT and Revenue fraud, MTIC fraud, Carousel fraud, Diversion fraud, Restraint and POCA.

Matt is the preferred choice of Lawyer for the Travelling Community having built trust up over the years not normally given to an outsider.

Notable Cases

Case Name: R v E & others

Defence lawyer in a case involving the double killing of clients parents in law, burying them in the garden and claiming their pension for many years.

Instructed: David Enoch QC / Andy Easteal (Now HHJ Easteal)

Case Name: R v W

Defence Lawyer in case of fraud against the National Lottery by International OCG.

Instructed: Adrian Reynolds

Case Name: R v B

Defence lawyer in case of conspiracy to steal £1.2m of diamonds from Chancery Lane Silver Vaults.

Instructed: Zarif Khan

Case Name: R v A

Defence lawyer in case of conspiracy to defraud insurance companies in a ‘cash for crash’ matter.

Instructed: Adrian Harris

Case Name: R V M

Defence lawyer in case of conspiracy to commit slavery and false imprisonment.

Instructed: Paddy Duffy

Case Name: R V K

Defence lawyer in case of conspiracy to defraud mobile home owners in the North of England

Instructed: Adrian Harris

Case Name: R V U

Defence Lawyer in a case of alleged rape of 5yr old child.

Instructed: Madeleine Wolf

Case Name:  R v G & others

Defence lawyer in a case involving the double contract revenge killing of married couple on the witness protection scheme.

Instructed: Trevor Burke QC / Craig Ferguson

Case Name: R v T and others

Defence lawyer in a conspiracy to commit offences of terrorism. Bombing of Mike’s bar in Israel killing 27 people.

Instructed: Michael Mansfield QC / Ben Emmerton QC / James Woods QC

Case Name: R v B

Defence lawyer in a case involving the rape and torture of unknown victim and murder by beheading of neighbour and subsequent disposal of the head and torso.

Instructed: Orlando Pownall QC / Craig Ferguson

Case Name: R v M & others

Defence lawyer in a case involving the murder and armed robbery of The Time Centre Jewellery shop in Notttingham; Murdering Marion Bates in the process of the robbery.

Instructed: James Wood QC / Andrew Cohen

Fran Oldham QC / Nirmal Shant

Case Name: R v JA

Defence in a gangland shooting of Danielle Becan (14 yr old walking home from Nottingham Goose Fair)

Instructed: Orlando Pownall QC / Adrian Reynolds

Case Name: R v Drs S and A

Defence lawyer in the largest dental fraud on the NHS. VHCC.

Instructed: Andrew Trollope QC / Mike Evans

David Howker QC / Adrian Reynolds

Case Name: R v GL

Defence lawyer in a Multi million pound fraud by buying companies and then stripping them of all their assets. VHCC.

Case Name: R v M & others

Defence of former members of the Bay City Rollers, conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Instructed: Brian O’ Neil QC

Case Name: R v B

Defence in a contract killing case of a Father by defendant and his Mother. Game Keeper at Clumber Park Nottingham.

Instructed: Orlando Pownall QC / Adrian Reynolds

Case Name: R v SM

Defence of a client accused ofmurder of 3mth old child. Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Instructed: Peter Joyce QC

Case Name:  R v JJ

Defence of a former solicitor alleged to have conspired to defraud Sri Lankan nationals of several million pounds. VHCC.

Instructed: J Fisher QC / Zafa Ali

Case Name: R v R

Defence lawyer in a murder and arson with intent case where the family were asleep in bed.

Instructed: Martin Heslop QC / Miranda Bevan

Case Name: R v L & others

Defence lawyer in a  joint murder case of helpless man on Hospital bench.

Instructed: Nirmal Shant QC

Case Name: R v S

Defence of a client accused of armed robbery of Lloyds Bank Oxford (having previous convictions for similar armed robberies).

Instructed: Michael Pert QC (now resident Judge of Leicester)

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"Anna Moran is the best representative I've ever seen in my life, she represented me as if she was there the day everything happened"

Client anonymous for confidentiality

"Tracey Hepworth represented me at Bradford Police Station...I cannot rate the service I received highly enough"

Client anomymous for confidentiality

“I would not hesitate to use ABR Solicitors again and cannot thank them enough for their service. Keith Allen did a fantastic job.”

Client anonymous for confidentiality

"We not only found Susannah good at her job but human too."

Client anonymous for confidentiality

"Paige was very good, hard working, polite and ease to get on with."

Client anonymous for confidentiality

"No words can express how grateful we all are as a family, Rob is totally dedicated to his job and all his client’s cases."

Client anonymous for confidentiality

"Professional and friendly service."

Client anonymous for confidentiality

"Thank you for your fast, efficient communications and professional advice throughout my case."

Client anonymous for confidentiality

"Patricia made me feel at ease at a point when I was scared. I am very happy with the high level of professionalism."

Client anonymous for confidentiality

"An outstanding result was achieved by Anna Moran, she fully understood my situation and fought hard for a result in my favour."

Client anonymous for confidentiality


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