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Defence of Sexual Offences, Historic Sexual Offences and Indecent Images

In our work in the defence of rape, sexual offence and indecent images allegations the firm has a national reputation for our thorough approach to the work and the level of legal knowledge we bring to the cases.

The firm is regularly instructed on both a private and publicly funded basis often after clients have undertaken careful research in to our competitors and the advantages that we bring to the work.  Key individuals in this area are Rob Rode, Tony Murphy, Matt Goode, Anna Moran, Arlegh Davies, Kenton Sargeant and Cheryl Rudden.

We understand the extreme upset and anxiety caused by these types of cases and have always been proud of our reputation for providing a complete service regardless of the funding used.

We have particular expertise in the following areas and these are just a few of the examples of our work.​​​​

Defence of historic rape allegations:

  • R-v-L (Leeds Crown Court) – Defence solicitor for a successful businessman man accused of historic rape and other sex offences.  The case was funded privately by the family. The accused was acquitted by the jury after a 7 day trial with the family thanking him for his “great advice and effort on our case…we really appreciate it”.  Handpicked by client after careful research.
  • R-v-B (Leeds Crown Court) – Defence solicitor for a man arrested following a historic rape allegation based on DNA hit.  The defendant was acquitted after an 8 day trial involving disclosure and abuse of process arguments.  Acquitted after trial.

​​​​​​​Defence of rape of under 16 and defence of sexual offences with children:

  • R-v-P (Leeds Crown Court) - Defence solicitor for a man accused of rape of a child and sexual activity with a child.  Case involved use of interpreters and resulted in an acquittal after trial.

Historic sexual offence allegations:

  • R-v-B (Leeds Crown Court) – Acting as solicitor Keith prepared the defence of a man accused of historic sexual offences from 20 years earlier on a family member.  Using a variety of experts and careful research the defendant was acquitted of all charges after trial.

False allegations of sexual offences:

  • R-v-L (Leeds Crown Court) – handpicked by client based on reputation.  Allegation of sexual offence against former partner. Child contact issues were at the centre of the case.  Acquitted after trial.

Indecent images of children:​​​​​​​

  • R-v-M (Leeds Crown Court) – Acting as solicitor-advocate Keith represented a man accused of making indecent images of children.  Originally, the allegation was that there were over 3000 indecent images but following defence submissions this was reduced to around 800.  At trial Keith acted in the defence of the accused who was found not guilty.
  • R-v-T (Leeds Crown Court) – Defence solicitor in allegation of making indecent images.  Originally charged with making 100′s of indecent images by taking photos himself following representations made on the defendant’s behalf he pleaded guilty to 2 images.
  • R-v-W (Leeds Crown Court) – Defence solicitor and solicitor advocate for a man accused of making over 150 indecent  images.  The case was listed for trial but following representations made to the Crown by the defence a review of the case took place and the Crown offered no evidence.  This case involved admissions by the defendant that he  had used chat rooms to contact persons over the age of 16.  At early hearings the Court had tried to claim that the defendant did not have a defence to the charge at law but we respectfully disagreed with the interpretation of the law by the Court.