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Professional Discipline

Are you facing an investigation for professional wrongdoing or malpractice? We can tell you exactly what you need to do to comply with an investigation and protect your career.

Do you need to attend a professional regulatory hearing or tribunal? We can help you prepare your case and provide robust representation.

Have you been accused of professional misconduct and need advice on your legal position? We can provide clear advice on your situation, the likely next steps and what you need to do.

Finding yourself under investigation for professional misconduct or a mistake is a stressful time and can often be complex. As such, you need specialist regulatory solicitors to help you navigate these difficult times.

ABR can provide assistance throughout the process, at each turn attempting to limit the impact on your professional and personal life. We regularly support professionals facing regulatory action by their governing body, including for investigations into alleged wrongdoing or malpractice.

Our team can assist with every stage of disciplinary proceedings, including negotiating with your regulatory body and representing you or your business at tribunal or disciplinary hearings.

We also provide specialist representation and practical advice in advance of an interview or investigatory meeting, as well as assistance with drafting written responses and representations.

We offer competitive hourly rates and can agree fixed fee advice where appropriate. In many cases, our representation can be funded by your insurers.

Our professional discipline solicitors deal with all proceedings before the:

Get immediate expert representation for professional disciplinary proceedings

If you need immediate expert advice and representation for any stage of professional disciplinary proceedings, please contact your local ABR Solicitors office in Leeds, Liverpool, London or Nottingham.

What our professional discipline solicitors can offer you

ABR Solicitors has advised and represented a wide range of professionals for many years in relation to various types of disciplinary proceedings. Our professional disciplinary solicitors can quickly assess your situation and provide clear, realistic advice on your legal position, the likely outcomes and your options.

Our team has exceptional litigation experience that we can bring to bear on your behalf. This has been recognised with a number of different prestigious awards, including:

  • Fraud Law firm of year – UK (Corporate Intl 2020)
  • Fraud Law Firm of year – UK (Global Law Experts 2020)
  • Best Specialist Fraud and Regulatory Defence Solicitor – UK (SME news 2020), Rob Rode
  • Leading Specialist Criminal Defence Solicitor of Year (Lawyer International Legal 100 2020), Rob Rode
  • International Advisory Experts Award – Criminal Defence – UK (2020), Rob Rode
  • Criminal Law Lawyer of Year – UK (Corporate America Today 2020), Rob Rode
  • Regional Criminal Defence Lawyer of Year – UK (ACQ5 Global Awards 2020), Rob Rode

We are independently recognised as one of the leading business defence teams in the country. We are ranked Band 1 for Crime and Band 2 for Financial Crime by leading client guide Chambers & Partners, while the prestigious Legal 500 client guide ranks us Tier 1 for General Crime and Tier 2 for Fraud in Yorkshire and the North East.

Rob Rode who leads the team is described as “an extremely impressive and dynamic team leader” who “combines fearless tenacity with an exceptionally personable attitude”. He is an “experienced charismatic fraud lawyer”.

How we can help you achieve the best outcome for professional disciplinary proceedings

Clear advice on your legal position

If you have been accused of professional misconduct or wrongdoing, the first thing you need to do is make sure you are completely clear on whether the allegation has any basis in fact. Our team can work with you to review the circumstances that led to the accusation and determine if any errors were made and, if so, whether these are likely to be considered significant by your regulatory body.

Once we have determined your legal position, we will advise you on your options and the available defence strategies. You can then make an informed decision about how to respond to the allegations against you in the best way for you and your career.

Support for navigating professional disciplinary investigations

Should you be investigated by your regulator, you have a duty to work with the investigators. This will likely include providing statements and disclosure of any relevant documents and other evidence requested by the investigators.

Our professional disciplinary solicitors can guide you through the process of being investigated by your regulator, allowing you to meet your obligations while protecting your legal position and career.

We can advise you on the disclosure of information, prepare written responses and support you during interviews and meetings with your regulator. We can also advise you on how to respond to the conclusions drawn by your regulator once the investigation is complete.

Representation for professional regulatory hearings & tribunals

In the event that your regulator decides that a formal hearing or tribunal is required to deal with the complaint against you, our professional disciplinary solicitors can support you at every stage.

We can prepare your case and represent you during any hearings you are required to attend. Our team has a very strong track record of success in professional disciplinary hearings, being able to call on many years of experience in all types of litigation.

Should the outcome of a hearing be that your regulator considers you have failed to meet the required professional standard, we can advise you on your options, including the advisability of bringing an appeal. 

Speak to our professional discipline solicitors today

For immediate expert advice and representation for any stage of professional disciplinary proceedings, please contact your local ABR Solicitors office in Leeds, Liverpool, London or Nottingham.